Making your small spaces work

These days, living spaces are found to be smaller in apartments and houses. Making the most of the space you have and maximizing space are some of the terms thrown around by experienced decorators, but as inexperienced individuals, how do we make our small spaces work best for us?  Fortunately, by making the right furniture purchases, thinking creatively about storage and reconsidering the layout of furniture can help make your spaces functional, relaxing and aesthetically pleasing.

Here are ways to make your small-space rooms work harder and better

A very common mistake seen in small homes is the owners going all out on the small scale furniture to save space. It’s actually better to mix up the scale with a few larger statement pieces. You can also utilize large scale art on your wall space for balance. Picture frames and wall art are great ways to personalize a room, and area rugs and curtains can add larger pops of colour. Small things, such as colourful throw pillows, soft throws, and other nice ornamental bits and pieces can help your space feel like home. Even when space is limited, there’s need for accessories.

When you have limited space, double duty furniture is a must. The centre of a living room is often filled with sofas, armchairs, area rugs and coffee tables .When the space you have isn’t quite enough, it’s important to find furniture that has more than one purpose. Instead of buying a traditional sofa, invest in a sofa bed or daybed for overnight guests. It’s key to have enough seating for everyone when you have a large group over during holidays or special events. For a space-efficient option, use small ottomans, poufs and cubes, or even floor cushions and pillows when the crowd is extra large. Find an ottoman with hidden storage that can act as extra seating, as well as stash extra blankets and throws. Think storage benches, under-bed boxes or even simple ideas like a dresser used as a nightstand. Adding double-duty pieces is a great way to conserve room and save money, especially with a large or growing family.

We all love colour but you also know it’s a powerful tool so let’s be a bit careful. While pops of colour can be exciting, if you want to make a room feel more spacious, stick to only one or two colours (or similar shades of the same hue) and spread it evenly throughout the space. Get familiar with the properties of certain colours and what they can do for your space before you splurge.

How to make small spaces feel bigger

Let in as much natural light as possible. A brighter room is a much larger looking room. Using mirrors to make a small space feel bigger is an old trick that never gets old. Along with offering an illusion of depth, it also adds a touch of glamour. You can as well skip mirrors and go for mirrored surfaces. Keeping more surfaces smooth will cut the feeling of clutter and help to visually expand the space.

Consider the amount of light coming in, how you’d like to feel in that space and your room size to make sure you make the smartest choice.

Enjoy your efficient, cosy and charming space and make it the best you can.