Men’s Shoes

best-mens-shoes-from-formal-dress-to-casual-2016Men, unlike their female counterpart, are not ones to buy shoes in considerable quantities or even just for an occasion. Granted, some women don’t buy many shoes and will make do with two or maybe three pairs but women are renowned for buying shoes, having many and even then not having the right pair for the right occasion and men will never understand.

Back in the day men has a pair of work shoes and their Sunday best as well as perhaps a pair of sports shoes and that was more than enough. But men have changed, times and changed and while most men haven’t quite caught up with women when it comes to buying shoes they are at least a little more aware and do realise they need certain shoes for certain  occasions or activities.

Men’s shoes has seen a growth in recent years with men being just that little bit more aware, there are still those who make do with just two or three pairs but women have taught their men to become a little bit more aware. Today there is a wide variety of shoes for men from classy brogues through to trendy slops or flip flops with everything in between.

Thankfully men do not have to choose heel sizes but that is not to say that there is not a wide, almost daunting choice of footwear for men, and Metro Home City understands this.  Men today have a wide choice of shoes, styles and even colours where one before there was leather, suede, synthetic, slip on and laced in a tasteful choice of black, brown, white or beige – that is what men had.  Men’s fashion has changed and men have become more aware.

No longer is the shirt and tie with a smart suit the order of the day for many office workers and this means smart shoes have evolved. No longer is it essential to have highly polished brogues to be an executive but smart chinos or even jeans with a “smart casual” shoe is acceptable with very often the brand doing the talking less so the type of shoe.

Casual shoes abound and today Adidas and Nike are not only making track and running shoes or even just soccer or rugby boots, these sports brands now make exceptionally smart casual shoes with just a hint of sporty in them. Other names too, not so much big brands have followed the trend and shoes that look the part are exceptionally affordable and unless inspected closely – which men don’t do – they look superb.

Metro Home City knows how to clothe men and has an extensive range of men’s shoes to suit all tastes, pay the store a visit and pick up a bargain today.