Mirror on the walls

We all have a mirror or two in our homes that we use to check our makeup and outfits on our way out to town. However, there is a whole lot more to mirrors and what their uses are in the house. A well-placed mirror is an optical illusion, and quite possibly could be the easiest and most transformative thing you can do for your space.

You can use a good mirror to maximize a space, because it does so much to brighten the room and make it feel bigger. Mirrors can visually double your square footage in just about every room of the house. For instance, if your space is low on natural light, there isn’t much you can do to increase the amount of sunlight coming into your home but there are a handful of small things you can do to be sure you are using the light you have to your advantage; and that is one of the areas where the use of mirrors comes in handy. Mirrors reflect light, they are my favourite accessories for this sole reason!

Adding mirrors to the wall across from the natural light you do have will help add more light. Placing a mirror on a wall adjacent to a window or opposite a window gives the illusion of having another space beyond the window wall. When placed adjacent, a mirror will mimic the window and make it seem like you have more windows on the wall. When placed opposite, the mirror will reflect light and views from the window. Window plus a strategically placed mirror equals beautiful, reflected natural light.

Another way to get the most light- Clean! Keeping fixtures, bulbs, and windows clean will let the light you do have shine its brightest! Maximize as much natural light as you do have by cleaning your windows and, if you can, removing, trimming or adjusting any exterior vegetation that might be shading your home and preventing light from really coming in. Let the light in, use translucent window treatments.

Avoid heavy, light-blocking window treatments, opt instead for translucent shades that provide privacy while allowing light into the space. You might want to keep furniture on the low end near any of the windows you do have; blocking it with high backs or high arms just isn’t great when you are struggling with a dark space. Even if the natural light that you do have comes in a bit (like on one side), you want to keep shadows from accumulating in any one area or corner.

Mirrors can be the most cost-effective way of brightening a room. Let it be noted that mirrors can increase visual busyness and clutter in the sense that now you have to see another image of all your stuff unless they are placed correctly. They always need to reflect something bright, calm, and pretty.

Overall, Mirrors are a must-have, expanding a space when you need it and reflecting natural light. Expanding walls, amplifying light, breaking up visual clutter, the use of mirrors can solve almost any design dilemma. They can also add an artful touch, bringing character and personality to a room.