Personal styling

Personally, style means my mode of dressing and carriage, which reflects the way I want to present myself to the world. It entails how you discover and dress your body shape or what colours flatter your skin tone. The impact of personal style goes far beyond making a good first impression; great style is also about approaching each day with confidence, and the ability to feel legitimately beautiful in what we are wearing.

News about the latest fashion has always been of high priority fuelled by the various fashion shows that are held in the important cities of the world like Paris and London which is avidly followed by people normally considered to be the elite of any society. You can definitely embrace fashion trends and popular looks, but it’s important to develop your individual style and not just a fashion sense. Regardless of what life throws at us, it’s important to be able to adapt while still maintaining a style that is all our own.

The single most important thing when developing your style is to be true to yourself. It all boils down to feeling good in your own skin—your style should reflect and celebrate your life, your individuality, and personality. Therefore, own your style, be proud of it, and embrace fashion as a way to express who you are and who you want to be. Trust your gut, because something that makes you feel confident and beautiful never goes out of style.

personal stylingAccessories are, without a doubt, the easiest way to pull any look together regardless of the vibe you want to achieve. However to the techies amongst us, accessories are not limited to belts and purses and the like, for them accessories include the gargets they cannot be without; their computer laptops, notebooks and tablets, phones, cameras and other gargets. Technology has become a part of our everyday lives, and as such, our gadgets can be an extension of our personal style. Bonafide geeks are never without their essential gadgets and gadget-makers have also realized that things don’t just need to work well; they need to look good and fit in with your personal style, too. A recently conducted poll found 72% of people would only buy the tech if it looked good, while 67% said the devices would need to fit with their personal style.