One thing I know that everyone is on the lookout for is a “bargain deal” and other ways to save money while spending. Why pay more for the some items and brands when you can get these same items at discounted prices, no strings attached? What if I were to tell you that taking a drive down to Metro home city warehouse store or logging onto our website would introduce you to a world of scintillating promotional deals that would leave you gasping for breath? That is exactly what would happen if you pay us a visit on either of our platforms.
Our loyalty points’ app is a bonus feature on our website which rewards you for every “rand” you spend with us. On here, the points you earn from shopping with us are converted into vouchers for you to spend on a later date. Basically, you are getting your cash back after doing transactions with us, cool isn’t it? To partake in this, all you must have is a good internet connection. You will go through a simple 4-step process to get your details registered and then you can start reaping all the benefits of visiting and shopping with us online and/or in store.
Going back to our promotional deals, we found that “Promotion” is defined or referred to as “raising customer awareness of a product or brand, generating sales, and creating brand loyalty.” For a fact, we are doing all these and more. We have got deals on various household items and office equipment on our warehouse floor as well as on our “online specials” platform and these deals cut across all the various brands we have available. With deals that go from as low as 2% off on the Non-Inverter air conditioner, to as high as 34% off of the electric blankets and 39% off of LED spotlights as well as everything in between, we then go a step further by having your purchases delivered right to your doorstep for free once your purchases are over R6000 and your destination is within the 50km radius of our warehouse store.
So, do come on over and experience “saving and getting rewarded while spending” with us.