Pump up the Jam:  On the road

Pump up the Jam:  On the road

IMS_1005South Africans love their cars and many love their sound systems just that little but more. To pump up the jam in your car you need a good sound system with tweeters, boosters, bass and so much more. Metro Home City at first glance does not seem like the place to go for car audio but when you take a look inside you will be amazed. Perhaps it is because many staff members and Metro Home City love their cars and their sound systems that there is such a wide range of the very best car audio equipment.


Even the entry level car radio today is a sophisticated piece of equipment. Where once there were two knobs, one for volume and one to tune the analogue tuner and maybe a couple of buttons with some clumsy pre-set AM and FM stations today a car radio is a high tech piece of art.  For someone who wants the basics a combo kit of radio and speakers delivers a lot of value and when it comes to sound quite a punch. Metro Home City has a good selection  of high quality car radios with cd, mp3, Bluetooth and many other features to choose from.


When it comes to taking your car audio to a different level an in car amplifier is a must. Modern, state of the art car amplifiers deliver one almighty punch and take sound levels to new highs. However having a great car amplifier is useless without decent speakers.



There are speakers and then there are speakers. Basic car audio speakers are good but for the connoisseur of in car music a combination of sub woofers, tweeters and mid come together in harmony to create the perfect sound. To pump up the jam and get un-distorted, deep bass clarity takes a little bit of fine tuning and Metro Home City have all the components you need to replicate perfect live recordings on the move.


In car audio is no longer just about sound. Modern car entertainment systems include TV screens that deliver full HD, crystal clear images on the move. In-car screens provide the perfect distraction for young kids on long journeys and with the latest equipment everyone can watch their own movie while the driver listens to his or her favourite driving music.

Car Audio with Metro Home City is extremely affordable and the wide range means you don’t have to shop anywhere else. Come on down to Metro Home City and upgrade your existing sound system today.