Are you ready to find the Easter Bunny’s Gold?

It is Easter and the Easter Bunny has been discussing his plans for his busy season with Metro Home City. The Easter Bunny came up with a fantastic idea that will make Metro Home City customers really happy.

The Easter Bunny had a good year last year and as a result, he has a much bigger budget to help great stores such as Metro Home City. This year he has hidden some gold in the online store, of course he has not told us where but he has hidden plenty of it.

From 1st April Metro Home City will be given the all clear to find the gold, we want you to help us find it and tell us where it is. By helping us we will reward you can with the chance to win some great prizes and vouchers to spend in our store.

Social Media

We really do not know where the Easter Bunny has hidden his Gold. We do know that you need to follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter because this is how you can win the prizes. The Easter Bunny is so excited about this crazy Easter egg hunt that anyone who buys anything and sends in the order number or till slip number can get extra entries into the random draw for the prizes.

This is the biggest competition that Metro Home City has held in a long time. Anyone can enter, the Easter Bunny hopes many people will enter because he thinks Metro Home City is awesome.


Are you ready to win prizes and help the Easter Bunny and us find his hidden gold?


Ok, make sure you are following us on Twitter and that you like us on Facebook.

In the next few days, Metro Home City is expecting further instructions from the Easter Bunny on how to take part in this amazing Easter egg and treasure hunt.  Keep an eye on our social media for details.

Easter is a magical time for families and Metro Home City, with some help from the Easter Bunny, hopes to make it even more magical.

At Metro Home City, we are excited and hope you are too, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and watch this space.  You could be among the lucky winners this Easter.