The Secret of Demo Deal

It is always great to have a new appliance in the home, there is something about having a new appliance that makes a person feel good inside and there is that funny feeling of almost not wanting to use it to keep it new. We all know that feeling but what many people don’t know is that being used, not second hand used but shop floor used, can bring a brand new appliance into your home for a lot less than the full asking price.

top-secret-1726358_1280There is a secret that some shoppers and even some stores don’t want you to know. That secret, especially when it comes to appliances is what is called a Demo Sale and a Demo Sale can save you a small fortune of top of the range and brand name products just because the item has been sat and used for display on the shop floor.  The item may have a few blemishes that would eventually come out on their own in your own home and the box may have been opened, but apart from that a Demo Sale Appliance is brand new, often still has the warranty in place and, just to repeat the fact, is cheaper.

If you like brands, if you demand quality and if you are wise with your money then a Demo Sale Item is perfect for you. There is often a wide variety of products but, and it is a big but there is a challenge.  The challenge is that there is often very limited stock so one needs to get in fast and of course know where to look.

The other downside, if it really is a downside, is that the demo sale stock may be a slightly older model. Stores like to keep their demo models up to date and thus when they sell them on and reduced price they are often one or maybe two models behind the current model.  In most cases nobody would know, a fridge or stove top doesn’t change a lot from model to model unlike cars that do change. With a demo model you have an older product, in great condition, with warranty and at a great price and you cannot really lose out.

Demo Sale stock changes regularly and it is a superb way to get a vast array of high quality, big name products at a significantly better price. A shrewd homemaker will fully appreciate a demo sale appliance; they understand exactly what they are buying but know that anyone who sees it in their house will be none the wiser that it is demo stock. In fact, the people who purchase such items fall into an almost exclusive group of buyers who do not and will not share the secret of how they can afford such amazing appliances and items in their home without breaking the bank.

Next time you are looking for a stove, refrigerator or any appliance take a look in the demo sale section of the store or online, don’t be afraid but be expectant because you may just find the deal of the decade.