Secret Santa

Often associated with work gatherings or with large groups of friends Secret Santa is for some a worst nightmare come true and for others a small piece of pure joy. Either way Secret Santa should be fun and even if you get a gift from your secret Santa that is not quite what you expect it is all good fun in the end.

Choosing the Secret Santa gift can be tricky or very straight forward. If you know the person well it is easy but if you don’t know them at all it could well be challenging. So just how do you be the perfect secret Santa?

santa-secretThe trick to being a perfect secret Santa is to keep things simple and just a little bit quirky. Choosing a gift that may often be within a budget or under set amount is not that difficult and often something practical is something that makes a great gift.

Here are 5 ideas for a secret Santa to give

Candle Holders

If you try not to get too glitzy or stylish candle holders make superb secret Santa gifts. They are practical and simple and relatively inexpensive.  You won’t go far wrong with this idea.


In a similar vein to Candle Holders a vase if kept simple and cheerful never fails to be a good secret Santa gift. There is something rather stylish about a vase given as a gift and it is something that will appeal to a lot of people


Good quality headphones have become very affordable and this secret Santa gift that is on the more technical side of things will appeal to many people especially the music lovers. A lot of people have a device such as an MP3 player or mobile phone that plays music and new set of headphones will be much appreciated.

Braai Tongs

For a man a new set of braai tongs makes a great secret Santa gift. Affordable,  practical and always welcome Braai tongs make a great gift,  there will be the typical groan and laughter as braai tongs are not the most exciting of gifts and that makes the gift so special but it is one the timeless gifts available

Photo frames

A photo frame need not be boring or dull and despite everything being digital there is something special and rather charming about a photo frame.  Keep it simple yet stylish and this gift will make anyone smile and whether it finds a new home at home or in the office it will nonetheless be a welcome gift.

But for those who just cannot decide there is always the faithful vouchers to give that will allow anyone to choose exactly what they want to contribute to something bigger. If you know the someone you are giving to is saving up for something this gift may be the best gift ever.

Secret Santa is fun; gifts come from the heart and often with a chuckle. No matter what you choose to buy when you become a secret Santa do so with a smile and enjoy every moment of shopping.