Smart Phones Getting Smarter

man-talking-on-the-phone-1582238_1920Today a mobile phone is much more than just a phone. The modern day cellphone has become a smart phone and the must have business essential.   Smart Phones, as they have come down in price and also become the must have item for every teenager and whether they choose to answer them or not is an argument for a later date.

Phones have become smart and with the phones comes a host of apps that anyone can download from their app store whether. Today having an app is not enough and the add-ons and wearable gear is all part of having a smart, smartphone.

Samsung are very much the market leaders when it comes to Add-ons that go beyond an app. Introduced in 2013 the first wearable gear from Samsung took the world by storm. At first people were not quite sure what to make of this “watch” that was linked to a phone. People didn’t really see the value and some saw just yet less privacy and more ways for someone to get hold of them when all they wanted was to have some quiet. Nevertheless, the Samsung Wearable Gear gained traction and took off.

For the more athletic or active person the wearable gear became a handy tool to measure training. In the gym or pounding the streets the wearable gear became not only a valuable tool for measuring the distance and number of steps run but also made checking messages in the run (excuse the pun) a great deal easier.

The gear has transformed a work out and today your smartphone cannot just measure your steps and distance but heart rate, temperature and much more. The wearable devices were initially pretty boring, but today the devices have shrunk a little in size and become fashionable to the point of looking like an ordinary smart city watch.

The wearable gear is very much with us today and is accepted. More recently, technology gave us something many have only dreamed of. When the movie Avatar first appeared on screens around the world everyone wanted their own Virtual Reality. Movies are one thing and reality, even virtual reality is another. However, only a few years after the release of Avatar virtual reality is now available and in reach for anyone.

woman-1418843_1920The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR Lite is a personal virtual reality machine that works with a Samsung Galaxy phone. These somewhat bulky,  I am sure the size with shrink in time, 3D goggles create an individual 3D world for anyone. The technology has massive potential for industry and research but has found its home, for now at least, as a truly amazing fun gadget that everyone is fascinated by. The HD screen and the 3D technology is superb and it seems unbelievable that this once seemingly impossible to create machine is now available for under R2000.

A phone is not smartphone today if you don’t have the add ons that make it smarter than the average phone. The add on gear may seem a little trivial to some but once you have begun to use them in your everyday life you will never look back.