Snag Free Towels

We all know the feeling.  Get out of the bath or out of the shower or even out of the pool and you want a nice soft and luxurious towel.  That warm, dry, cosy and snuggle fresh dry down is all part of the bathing or swimming experience and there is nothing worse when it is not just that.

Towels are an essential item in any home, not only are they a hygienic necessity that dries us down with soft comforting luxury but they are also part of décor in the smallest and most personal, even private places of the home. A Good towel also makes a statement at the gym.

Despite all the good things about towels too many people and households don’t have good towels.  Snag Free Towels made from 100% cotton, that don’t fray or snag or fall pieces on the first wash are worth spending a little extra on.  With colours that stay bright and vibrant wash after was and with a  fluffy thickness that never seems to get thin a snag free towel is a great investment.  High quality, Snag Free towels are worth every penny spent on them.

Snag Free Towels, ask specifically for them, are specially manufactured with a unique warp knitting construction so that they do not pull or snag.  Often double stitched on the hems and edges Snag Free towels are designed to last and designed to look great and feel amazing.

Why would you choose anything else?  There is nothing worse than poor quality towels, made with inferior materials that feel like sandpaper after just a couple of washes.  From small handtowels through to medium and large sized bathroom towels all the way to bath mats and even beach towels, snag free towels are simply the best. Once you have bought a snag free towel you will never buy a low quality towel again.

Snag Free Towels are virtually indestructible and remain baby soft for hundreds of washes. Metro Home City has a wide variety of high quality, super soft and durable Snag Free Towels. With the widest range of colours and sizes you can have the ideal snag free towel to meet your needs and fit in with your colour scheme.  From a towel that will make you bathroom look wow and your guests go “ooh” making them never want to leave and make you search peoples bags in case they try and smuggle your towels away though to statement making practical towels to take to the gym to give you the same luxury dry down you expect from a towel, Metro Home City has the snag free towel for you.

Snag Free towels are simply superior in every way, they wash well, they last, they look great, they dry so very fast and they really are and remain the softest towels you will ever purchase.  Bales of snag free towels make perfect wedding presents and if you want to drop a subtle hint give some a gift to those friends of yours who don’t know how soft and wonderful a snag free towel is.