Snuggle up with a movie in your Home Theatre

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With the economy starting to bite entertainment and going out are becoming more of a luxury and alternatives must be sought. Going to the cinema is one thing SimpsonsCouchS20HDthat without one of the loyalty cards can be an expensive treat, throw in some snacks and a night out for the family can be quite costly.

Cinemas are popular because of the big screen and amazing sound but the experience can be replicated in the home by investing in a high quality TV and a good home theatre system. To add to the value making your own popcorn and snacks is a fraction of the price than at the cinema.

To watch a movie with family or friends at home is convenient, cost saving and with the right home theatre and TV for your home can be just as exciting as going to the cinema. The advancements in Blu-Ray, 3D TVs, hi-tech speakers, and sound systems make home theatre an experience for the whole family.


One side of a good home theatre system is a good TV. Modern flat screen TVs have a host of features and even the highest quality TVs have dropped in price.  Smart TVs now represent great value for money and with the advent of faster internet to the home streamed movies can now get the home theatre cinema touch. Smart TVs such as the Hisense 40 inch Smart TV start at under R6,000


DVD is still popular but the gain the most out of non-streamed movies it is worthwhile spending a little more on Blu-Ray. Producing a far higher video quality with enhanced sound and more features inside the movie itself the few extra Rands will not be something you regret. Blu-Ray players such as the Samsung BD-F5100 start at around R1,000 and Blu-Ray complete Home Theatre Systems at around R5,000 for the Samsung J5500k system.


family-watching-movie-325pxThe other part of creating a cinema quality home theatre experience is sound. Most packaged home theatre systems have very capable sound systems but to really get the best it is often worthwhile looking at adding some extras or building your system with some more sophisticated amplifiers and speakers.

For the average family and typical package of high quality, large screen TV with a Blu-Ray Home Theatre Package is more than sufficient. With a smart TV you can stream a variety of movies through the likes of Netflix, Amazon and South Africa’s own Showmax and it may well be worth considering this option. With a good screen and quality sound, all you need is a comfy couch and some homemade popcorn and Movie Night just became something every household can do.

As a bonus, once you have invested in a quality home theatre system live concerts and sport on TV become something special. The HD TV with the surround sound quite literally transports you from your lounge to the concert or to the match. Now how is that for adding value?