So, Does DIY Really Save you Money?

Many a handyman is driven to DIY by the thought of saving money. Let’s face it, most people need a worthwhile incentive to roll those sleeves up and get their tender office hands dirty. The prospect of getting the project done without a dent on your wallet is just that incentive.  It is especially so nowadays when information that includes step by step guides is readily available on the Internet and other media.

But do you, in the end, really save money? Well, that depends on how good you are at the handyman task at hand. Unfortunately for most DIY enthusiasts the opposite is true. They end up spending even two or three times what they would have spent if they had hired a pro, both in money and time.  Why is this so, since some of the tasks, such as painting a wall or fixing a broken water tap seem pretty straightforward? The fact is when you DIY you are not familiar with some finer details which if overlooked the finish is not up to scratch.

Now, if you are thinking of taking on a handyman task instead of hiring a professional consider these factors first:

Time Factor

It takes more than just skill to get a handyman’s job done. Do you know the time needed to get the job done? Do you have the discipline required to carry out the project to completion? The fact that you are not bound to any deadlines may see the project dragging for months while a professional could have completed it in a matter of days.

Tool Factor

Some handyman work requires specialised tools and hardware which you might not have. You are likely to have such simple tools as hedge pruners and other common garden tools but buying the specialised ones is certainly going to cost you more than hiring a professional.

Safety Factor

Safety is a crucial factor. Because you do not have the experience to operate certain equipment your chances of getting hurt are greater.

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