Superhero Customer Service

In South Africa customer service in retail and online is renowned for being not exactly top notch.  Customer Service in some organisations is barely a service at all and is very much “lets make things as challenging as possible for the customer”. It really does seem that there is a secret code when it comes to customer service in South Africa that is full of techniques on how to delay service, keep the customer waiting as long as possible and confuse the customer when an answer to a question is not known. Everyone in South Africa understands this scenario:

Customer : Do you have this is Red?

Store:  I don’t know

Customer : Can you find out?

Store: (looking blank) I don’t think we have it

Customer: How do you know that?

Store: I am busy please ask someone else to help

In South Africa, Customer Service staff seem to go out of their way NOT to offer service and of course poor service like this loses customers fast. Metro Home City appreciates this and for that reason we have created an academy for customer service superheroes – well that is what people are lead to believe because our service is just so good.

More than a few customers do a double take when our customer service team always say “give me a moment I will find out” and then, less than a moment later say “We don’t have it now but will have on Monday” or “Yes we have stock but only in blue, the red will arrive tomorrow”.  It’s not normal in South Africa and the speed at which our customer service issues are dealt with is lightning fast, some say that Usain Bolt has been training our staff to be fast, others say “impossible, even Usain Bolt is not that fast”.

There is a fine line between customer service and outstanding customer service but in crossing that fine line the service levels are so vastly improved that it feels like a whole new company is being dealt with where you are the only and most valuable customer, almost dreamlike. It’s not just speed but accuracy in responding and always going just that little bit further than required to ensure no customer is left not knowing what they need to know that makes the subtle difference. At Metro Home City our customer service staff are empowered and incentivised to help customers, it is really as simple as that. By day our customer service staff are absolute superheroes who understand that there is no such thing as average customer service, by night they are humble and totally satisfied ordinary people, you may be sat next to one now as there is no way of knowing that they saved a person’s life today by simply ensuring an item of the right size, in the right colour was found for them.

Metro Home City invites you to put out superhero customer service team to the test. The outstanding advice and assistance you receive will make you want to shop with us, and of course our wide range of products at the very best prices is just an extra cherry on top!