Tailored suits and shirts: a Lifestyle choice

When it comes to lifestyle, what a person wears says a lot and it does a great deal more than that for them.

How do you feel when you buy a new shirt or some new item of clothing?  You should feel good, but then after a day or so it is no longer new and of course you realise it is the same as every other shirt, suit or other item purchased in Edgars or Woolworths. This is true for so many people but it need not be for you, and here is why and how so…

A tailor made suit with shirt and stylish tie is how and why!

It is really that simple.  Tailor made means that the clothing is made to measure, made exclusively for you and this means nobody else has one the same. Tailor made suits and shirts represent the ultimate in lifestyle clothing and of course the utmost experience in quality clothing.

Tailor made suit
Tailor made suit

With a tailor made suit you are in control, you can choose the style, the cut, the colour and even the fabric ensuring you get the perfect image for you. Whether you are looking for a suit for work or something more casual or even a really formal suit for a wedding or other function when you have it tailor made you will get precisely what you want.  Having a suit made for you means your suit will look good on you, because you can pick, choose and play around with ideas, designs and styles your suit will be you.

Having the matching shirt, cut and made to measure or just a high quality 100% cotton shirt adds to the styling. Nothing quite makes a statement like a crisp, well cut, 100% cotton shirt, something about a quality shirt just stands out and says the person wearing means business or just understands the meaning of style.

Finally top off the tailor made suit and shirt with a stylish silk tie and you will find yourself dressed for success whether that is for business or leisure.

If your lifestyle is important to you then a tailor made suit will fit right in, and don’t worry about the cost as the myth that a tailor made suit is expensive is not true. Yes, it may cost fractionally more than an off the shelf suit but the quality and uniqueness speak volumes that far outweigh the extra cost. People will think you look like a million dollars and you will feel like it but only you will know the secret that the suit cost a great deal less than a million dollars.

Metro Home City can help you with your tailor made suit and dress you like an “A” list celebrity making shopping with Metro Home City a lifestyle choice you will appreciate. Go on,  make the choice and get fitted for the perfect suit today and start your next working week in style.