The Bike Life

The Bike Life

men_vintage_bicycle_museum_9Once upon a time, not very long ago a bicycle was the only form of transport many people relied on. A Bicycle was the primary mode of transport to and from work, a bike was used as transport at work and many a man carried his girlfriend on the handlebars of his bike and whizzed down a hill full of laughter.

Today a bicycle or bike is a lifestyle item and this goes for kids and adults alike. Having a good bicycle opens up a lifestyle, a way of keeping fit and free entertainment. To enjoy the freedom of a bicycle on one of the many number of fast appearing cycle paths and routes in South Africa one doesn’t need to spend a fortune to get started.

A good quality mountain bike or mountain style bike need not cost a fortune. Professionals pay upwards of R80,000 for a lightweight state of the art machine that sees them take part in races such as the Cape Epic and Argus Cycle Tour, a lot of people won’t spend R80,000 on a second hand car.  For around R2,000 a good quality adult bicycle will buy a modern, robust, not too heavy and very cool looking bike. Spending as little as R2,000 will open up a whole new world of outdoor fun and will become the free and easy way to get to the local shop, saving you money on petrol and keeping you fit at the same time.

cycling-1796077_1920His and hers bikes bring cycling into the family and create a great way to do things as a couple and enjoy the fresh air. However, as your life changes from being single to being a couple and finally having a family the enjoyment of cycling will grow with you. Cycling is an enjoyable and very ‘in” family activity. Growing opportunities for a cycling day out, a cycling weekend or even a full cycling holiday touring places throughout the country now make cycling more than just a way of keeping fit.

Kid’s bikes have changed over the last few years. Yes, there are still the traditional bicycles with pink Barbie or green Turtle prints on them but kids who want to cycle with mom and dad and moms and dads who want kids to join them in the family hobby need something a little more robust. There is a growing range of bikes for kids that range from the basic to the more professional that allow kids to become part of a the cycling lifestyle from an early age.

Having a bike in the house is not having something that sits and gathers dust anymore. If there is one bike in the home that is used frequently others will soon follow and the bike life will become something everyone in the family wants to be a part of.

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