The WIFI IP Hidden Clock camera

Technology has made life easier in many ways and just one of those is security. Things have become smaller, faster and much, much smarter.  Evidence of this is with the WiFi IP Hidden Clock Camera available at Metro Home City.

51PmurxS0ULThe name of the amazing device sums it up perfectly and in a country where security is a little more top of mind for most of us this device is an absolute winner.  In the past keeping an eye on things at home while away meant either employing someone or installing expensive and not very hidden security cameras that came with a costly contract and was out of your control.

Things have changed and this small “clock” changes the way you secure your home or even your business while you are away.  It looks just like a small clock but this powerful device has an HD camera and when connected to your WiFi allows you to monitor the room where the clock is placed directly from your mobile phone, table or PC.

Unlike many hidden camera devices the WiFi IP Hidden Clock Camera has full motion detection that saves battery life.  The device has a rechargeable battery and just like a cell phone can be charged and remain operational at the same time.  With a non-stop recording with high compression of video the device allows for continuous recorded stream to be maintained without using up valuable storage space. All told this small, high quality device is marvelous.

But wait there’s more…

51XJ7zoXIjLAs with all good TV advertorials there is always more and the WiFi IP Hidden clock camera has  more that make this device a must have for anyone who takes their security seriously.  Not only does the device have a camera with motion detection it has infrared capabilities or “night vision” too.  This means that this camera can work 24 hours a day 7 days a week even in poor light or total darkness.  This unique feature ensures you can monitor any room, anywhere at any time giving you peace of mind and control over your security.

Of course the device has a fully functioning alarm clock, it is not made to just look like a clock but actually is a clock ensuring the device blends in to its surroundings and would be thief, napping nanny or sleep walking child will have no idea they are being caught on camera.

The WiFi IP Hidden Clock Camera is easy to set-up and install and can be operational in minutes.

Get your WiFi Hidden Clock Camera from Metro Home City and take control of your home or office security the easy way.