This Workers day get to work in the Kitchen

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What better way to celebrate and enjoy a day off work on workers day than with a home cooked meal?

Metro Home City is a paradise for any wannabee Master Chef or home cooking king or queen. A good chef is only as good as the tools he or she has in his or her kitchen and Metro Home City has the small appliance for every job.

When it comes to small kitchen appliances Metro Home City has you covered.  From humble kettles and toasters that every home has through to the tools that help a humble housewife or man about the house become the next master chef.  Take the Tefal Actifry that fries the absolute best chips without drowning them in oil, if you want to spoil your guests with amazing French Fries better than  any fast food outlet this is the tool for you.

But preparing the food is as important as cooking it and for that you need the best equipment.  If you want to make a cake or pastry using a wooden spoon and bowl may be therapeutic but a food mixer is more efficient and far quicker and Metro Home City has the perfect machine. The Tefal Kitchen Machine with its 4L stainless steel bowl is an easy-to-us machine with a multitude of functions, including shredding, slicing and kneading – it also includes a 1.5l Blender! Metro Home City has the widest choice of blenders, mixers and food processors that will make our store feel like heaven for any cook.

And then  it comes to serving the food  unless you have prepared a salad there is nothing worse than hot food being served cold. There is a wide variety of solutions to this dilemma,  the first and most popular is, of course, warming the plates but there is an alternative that will make your family or guests happy and that solution is a warmer tray or serving trolley.  Designed to make serving your hot food easier and of course keeping it warm for those who will, of course, want seconds or even thirds.  Metro Home City has a selection of warming trays and serving trollies all at great prices.

the-drink-600193_1920And then after your amazing workers day meal you need a great cup of coffee to conclude things and relax and enjoy the compliments.  Metro Home City can even help you with the perfect cup of coffee and has a  superb range of coffee grinders for those who want to grind their own beans or the very latest in coffee machines.

All in all Metro Home City is the best place to purchase everything you need to allow you to show off your culinary skills and equip your kitchen like a pro!