The only3 Tips for choosing a Handbag you will ever need

fashion-1271800_1920For a woman a bag is important, it tells people who they are and most importantly, it carries her life around.  Whether the handbag is a small clutch bag or a larger shoulder bag a man would not know the difference because to him a bag is a bag.

Choosing a bag is challenging, this is perhaps the reason why most women have more than one. Each bag has a purpose and some bags are chosen simply because they look good with a certain outfit. The handbag is the ultimate fashion accessory and any man that says otherwise had better watch his back.

The brand means a lot to some people, Polo, Pierre Cardin, Dolce and Gabbana; of course, the name says it all. However, it is not just the name, the name or not must also meet the need. If a beautiful Gucci bag with a massive price tag doesn’t do the job then all the value is lost. With all this in mind, here are the three most important tips for choosing the ideal handbag:


No handbag is either too big or too small, just like Goldilocks a handbag must be just right. Like many things in life size does matter, handbags are no different. Consider what you will carry in the bag and consider how you will carry the bag. If you are a small petite person, don’t let the bag seem bigger than you or your personality. Long, deep, short, shallow are all elements in the handbag design that matter. The size of the bag and the strap are all important and always take your time testing, don’t let your man rush you… better still send him for a coffee while you shop!


Your handbag will be treated pretty harshly. No matter how careful or gentle you think you are all the picking up, putting down, zipping and unzipping take their toll on your handbag. You may spend a fortune on a bag that looks amazing but because it is not strong enough you will only have amazing for short time. Make sure to get a handbag that is durable, you will soon see if the handbag is or isn’t… it is that sixth sense all women have!


Your bag must match your wardrobe. Unless you have the money or are inclined it is not easy to choose and handbag and buy your wardrobe to match it. You will know your style and you will know how you will dress when you carry the handbag. Buying a Gucci or Gucci look alike just because one of the Kardashians has one is not the way to buy and handbag. Your handbag is an extension of you and you will know precisely if it will work with you. There are ample colours and materials to choose from, large handbags, small clutch purses and many other things that can make a handbag as unique as you.  Be you, choose the handbag that is you and stand out in the crowd or blend in whichever you choose.

In conclusion Handbags are like shoes and a woman cannot have too many!