TV and Home Theatre

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It is hard to think that Television sets are almost 100 years old with mechanical TVs being the order of the day back in the 1920’s.  The cathode ray tubes replaced the mechanical systems in the 1940s and these hung around until the early in the 2000’s when flat panel TVs incorporating LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) began to appear slowly replacing the cathode ray or tube TVs with some of the LED and Plasma solutions we recognise today as a TV.

In the early days, the choice of channels was limited and colour did not exist and it if you wanted to watch the latest movies you went to the cinema or if you had the money you pulled out a projector and screen.  In the 1970s video recorders started to appear with Betamax being overtaken by VHS and later DVD and today Blu-Ray.

With colour and video the age of home entertainment was introduced but it was far short of what today’s generation would call Home Theatre.  Today Home Theatre is the stuff of 1950’s science fiction and Metro Home City has the widest range of TVs and Home Theatre available with solutions to suit every budget and every size of home or room.


When it comes to televisions many people will say that size matters. Yes, of course, it does but it does not mean bigger is better.  TV’s come in various sizes and on their own some have a superb sound that makes them close to a home theatre system on their own.  From small screen, or what was once called “portable”  TVs to large screens that take up a full wall the choice of size really depends on you.

LED technology has seen picture quality improve and advancements in audio have seen sound improve equally.  There is no more flickering or snowy picture, today TV picture and sound quality immerses you in reality.

TV’s are not just TV’s either.  In the last 5 years or so 3D TVs have emerged offering a whole new TV and home theatre experience and more recently smart TVs, linked to the Internet have created a completely new experience taking home entertainment to a whole new level bringing internet and satellite TV together.

Playback systems and sound

2000px-Blu-ray_Disc.svgA TV alone for some is enough, they have their DSTV decoder plugged in and they are happy, but for many, they need a playback device and some surround sound technology.  Metro Home City have a wide choice of solutions to meet any need.

Blu-Ray has begun to replace DVD that in turn replaced the VHS and Betamax Video Tape systems and the choice of playback devices available today is quite remarkable.  Blu-Ray plays back the highest quality of video possible and makes watching a movie a fully interactive experience  when choosing a blu-ray player take a close look at its functions and ideally ensure it is compatible with your TV.

The sound is another aspect of home entertainment where quality matters.  Very often spending just a little bit more on the speakers and amplifying equipment delivers better quality, however, that is not to say that cheaper systems are poor quality.  In Metro Home City stores you can ask a member of staff to demonstrate a system to you and you can decide whether it will work for you.

So whether you are looking for a small TV for the kitchen, a TV with a player for a bedroom or a full-on home theatre system for the entire family Metro Home City is the place to go where you will find all the best brands at the best prices with the very best service.