The ultimate guide to Glassware

Your table is set, and now it is time for the glassware. We all know that the correct glassware usage could make you the toast of the elite company, or not. Whether buying for everyday use or only for special occasions, glassware is an opportunity to have fun with place settings. Materials and styles can vary according to your desired use, so follow these tips to pick the ultimate glassware for your needs. This guide would help demystify glassware and the various uses, once and for all.

Glassware range, type and usage are diverse.


You must be sure you have a wide variety that serves different purposes: water glasses, cups, coffee mugs, martini glasses, wineglasses and beer mugs to name a few. If you are going to host a party or have a few friends over, make sure your cabinets are fully stocked with the right kinds of bar glasses. Depending on your drink (or drinks) of choice, the proper wine and beer glassware are necessary to keep the liquids flowing.

  • Cocktail glasses: Martinis, margaritas, highballs and good old Collins cocktails can be served up in a variety of glasses. Typically used to serve mixed drinks, cocktail glasses feature the iconic triangle-shaped bowl and long stem.
  • Whiskey glasses: They are also useful for serving single shots of liquor if you don’t have any shot glasses available.
  • Shot glasses: The thick, heavy bottom on your shot glass keeps it from breaking when you slam it onto the counter after downing a shot of Jaeger, mezcal or Patron.
  • Beer glasses: This is not common knowledge but the reality is the shape of your beer mug has a distinct impact on the aroma, colour and taste of the beverage inside.
  • Brandy snifter: The short stature of this glass is perfect for enjoying a quality cup of brandy.
  • Wine glasses: If you’re looking for the perfect companion to your vintage bubbly, check out our selection of wine glasses.

When choosing glassware that will be for everyday use, durability is key. No matter what your beverage is, you can be sure you will find the perfect glass to accompany it right here at MHC.

Once your basic collection is complete, you can move onto to splurging on fancy bar glassware. For special occasions, or just to stock up your at home bar, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to formal glassware.

For the ultimate cocktail party, the proper accessories for the happy hour are important. You better be sure to have a bar cart or wet bar nearby. Regardless of the size of your home bar, it should be stocked with a corkscrew, bottle opener, ice bucket, wineglasses, beer mugs, martini glasses and shot glasses, as well as a wine cooler and decanter for the wine fanatics.

Feel free to come into MHC and make a choice from the vast collection of glassware we have here. With our glassware in different sizes and shapes, it wouldn’t take long to find and make a choice to suit your needs.