Valentine’s cheat sheet

We are in February, the month of love. In a few days, everywhere would be coloured in shades of red and pink.  The florists, bakers and chocolatiers are all in very high demand this season and are already booked solid to come up with masterpieces.  But not everyone has a sweet tooth and some people are allergic to some flowers- yes, sad but true. That said, it’s that time of year again when “men” all over the world become materialistic and analyze the Valentine’s gifts they receive from their sweethearts. Cheers to getting something unique this year. Since money doesn’t buy love, why spend a fortune on gifts this Valentine’s Day?

It’s a common trope: Valentine’s Day is a tricky occasion to shop for — this special day carries varying levels of significance for different couples. There’s pressure to get it just right. You don’t want to spend too much, or too little. You want to send the right message without going too far — it’s a balancing act. Gifting something that’s unique — and that doesn’t break your wallet — is always a more honest way of going about Valentine’s Day gifts for her and him.

In case you are looking for a gift that shows that you’re thoughtful and cute but cannot go the “normal” route for health reasons, then why not go practical? Whoever says practical gifts aren’t sentimental needs to have a re-think. Practical “must-have” gifts do not disappoint, they are proves that with a little digging and creativity, being romantic can actually be pretty inexpensive. Now what’s not to love about that? To help you out with the gifting part, come browse the various products we have stocked in our many departments in Metro Home City so you can get Valentine’s Day Gifts just right.

Below are a few unisex Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are perfectly appropriate for whoever you happen to be shopping for;

  • Valentine’s Day is a great time for gifting accessories — something s/he always needs, but rarely buys for themselves e.g. sunglasses, belts.
  • For long a favourite gift idea, watches are thoughtful, practical and stylish. Made from quality materials like genuine leather, surgical-grade stainless steel and mineral crystal, you can’t go wrong. Not everyone wants (or needs) their watch to be an investment, so premium watches without the elitism of the luxury watch market, timepieces that will set a new standard of style is a casual gift great for pretty much any guy/girl.
  • A hand bag is an essential addition to her collection that will never go out of style. Featuring superior quality in a fun variety of colours, our bags do not discriminate; they are perfect for everyone.
  • Of a sweet truth, your valentine will love receiving their favourite grooming products as gifts. If s/he’s been thinking of trying a new scent, something on the smaller side will do nicely if s/he wants to try a new fragrance without committing to anything.
  • If you want to get something that is guaranteed to be used, think about getting a gift card.

Be assured, you can not go wrong with anything you get from us and don’t forget: gifts are just a small part of what can make this day special!