Wholesale Wednesday

wwedMetro Home City is always looking for the best ways to get you the best deals and Wednesdays are going to become just one day that you can get even more value for money.

Wholesale Wednesdays have started under the radar and it has been such a huge success that it is being continued.  At Metro Home City, regular customers will know that we are all about the best products at the best prices and Wholesale Wednesday takes this to a completely new level.

Every Wednesday from one minute past midnight in the morning and up to one minute before midnight in the evening customers can expect crazy special offers like never before.  Wholesale prices mean big savings on a wide variety of products for everyone but they are just like Cinderella because once the clock strikes twelve to say “welcome to Thursday” the products on special will revert back to normal. There may be one of two crystal slippers left on the site but you will have to hunt for them. Once Wednesday has been and gone you will have to wait another full week for the magic to begin again.

Wholesale Wednesdays deliver loyal customers outstanding savings with prices slashed by up to 40% on some lines.  There are no restrictions on what products may end up in the Wholesale Wednesday promotion on any given week. However, it is easy to find out what it is the sale each week. To find out what Wholesale Wednesday has on offer all one has to do is visit www.metrohomecity.co.za and the items will appear on the front page on Wednesday.  Alternatively and best of all follow us on Facebook.

Wholesale Wednesday is all part of giving you, the loyal MHC customer a better and better shopping experience.  There may be limited stocks of some items and all MHC customers are urged to get in early to get the deals. Different products will be offered each week providing the widest choice to suit all tastes.

If you want to score big with superb wholesale prices on a variety of high-quality products that cost even less than the already low, low prices that Metro Home City is famous for then Wholesale Wednesday is for you.  it makes sense to follow Metro Home City on Social Media to ensure that you get informed first about the many fabulous deals.

Wholesale Wednesday is just one of many initiatives that Metro Home City is introducing to ensure all the best products at even better than best prices are made available. Wholesale Wednesday brings some of the lowest prices you will find on a wide range of products each and every Wednesday, so go on, tell your friends or keep it a secret it is up to you.

Happy Shopping