Why Choose Custom Made Curtains?

Do you prefer the convenience of walking into a shop and buying a set of ready-made curtains? It’s simple. Take the measurement of your windows; choose a colour, design and fabric, and place your order. You could even do this online. However, if you are looking for style and quality, custom made curtains are a much better choice.

Standard ready-made curtains are available to fit different sizes of windows, but you don’t always get a perfect fit. Some standard sizes may fit too tight, with little or no overlap at all. This will spoil the outcome you intend to achieve.

Get it right with custom made curtains

With custom made curtains you can never get it wrong. You can count on the help of a professional curtain fitter to measure your windows and fit the curtains. You will achieve the design that you set out to.

Some of the advantages of custom made curtains include:

  • You get a perfect fit
  • You can select the hanging style of your choice
  • You can include extra features
  • You can add more layers of lining
  • You can improve insulation
  • No limit to fabric and design choice

If quality matters to you more than convenience then you should consider choosing custom made curtains over ready-made ones. This allows you to select curtain material of a colour and design that perfectly match the colour scheme and other existing features in your room.

Metro Home Centre will help you create stunning custom curtains that will add value to your home or office. We also stock a range of ready-made curtains and a variety of curtaining accessories. Visit our online store to view our collection and make you pick.

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