Why you should install a Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Why should you bother installing a wall-to-wall carpet when you could easily do with an area rug or hard flooring for that matter? It’s a valid question considering the extra expense you are likely to incur. However, there are many benefits that come with wall-to-wall carpeting that might just make you reconsider your choice. Some of the benefits may seem trivial at face value but in reality they add a lot of value to the quality of your home life. Here are just a few of them:

Great for Safety: Think of your baby taking her first steps on a hard wooden floor, falling, crawling and her tender knees crushing onto the hard wood. It will certainly be much safer and more fun for her to undergo this experience on a comfy carpet. It is also safe even for senior members of the family should they miss a step and fall.
Home temperature: A carpet has got insulation qualities the help to keep the home warm during extreme cold and cool in extreme heat.

Easy to maintain: Compared to wooden floors a carpet is much easier to maintain. All that’s required is regular vacuuming. Stains can be easily wiped off with appropriate carpet cleaning chemicals that are readily available on the market.

Less Noise: A carpet is excellent at absorbing and reducing noise from footsteps, television and radios, making it ideal for apartments and homes that are semi-detached.

General luxury: A carpeted floor adds to the sense of luxury in a home. It also allows you to personalise your home with a style and design of your choice, unlike the limits imposed by wooden floors.
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