Window treatment- Curtains or Drapery?

Window treatments, interior decorating elements placed on, in, around, or over a window, enhancing the aesthetics of the window and the room, are often the last thing we add to a room in our decorating process. Not only are they functional, but they can really tie a room together, bring in print and pattern, draw the eye up to emphasize verticality.

People can be creative and innovative as they have the option to decorate their windows with light and soft curtains, emphasizing more of the fabric and of course the color selection. Curtains tend to vary in length, while draperies usually fall all the way to the floor. Curtains are those pieces of fabric that are more airy, “Draperies” can also refer to lined or backed curtains with a fuller and heavier feel. They bring more weight to the room, and they can also bring more texture to the room which might make it more interesting. Mostly, heavy fabric material is used in times of winter and provides a warm and cozy feel throughout. It actually makes people feel comfortable by giving an attractive look to their rooms and by adding elegance. Window treatments offer a great marriage of style and function. If you’re looking to control the amount of light in your space as well as add decorative appeal, new drapes may do just the trick. They absorb sound to create a quieter room; are ideal for glass doors, and large adjoining windows.

Window treatments can be a beautiful addition to a room, but they also present complex issues. With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect window treatments can be tricky. Do you go with elegant velvet drapes, or maybe sheers? What kind of curtain rods should you use? To help you decide, first look at the style of your current space and establish a budget. When you narrow down which window coverings fit your criteria, consider the size and shape of the windows, as well as factors out of your control, such as sunlight and heat. With this information in hand, you’ll be well equipped to pick out new window treatments that are both functional and stylish.

Choosing the right curtain for a window is a tough choice to make but once things are settled, they can add beauty and attractiveness in the room. Although your biggest focus on custom draperies should be how they’ll look and function inside your home, there are certain things that need to be considered; people must make sure while choosing the color, that it should match the rooms’ walls and must be set in accordance with the rooms’ arrangement and not ruin the look of it. There are thousands of styles of curtains available and you can easily choose according to your room’s arrangement.

Depending on which direction a wall faces, each room gets different levels of sunlight throughout the day. Thus, it’s best to purchase your window treatment based on the amount of natural light you actually want. Your biggest priority in choosing window treatments should be deciding whether you need privacy or light — or both! These professional tips can help you make the right decision.

Tip: Choose the thickness of your fabric based on the amount of light you want in the space — a thick fabric lets less light through than an ultrasheer fabric.

Drapery’ looks and performance rest on the right lining. The decision process isn’t over once you’ve chosen your drape fabric and style. Lining can make or break the look you’re envisioning.

Blackout curtains or shades are often necessary in a TV or media room.

Tip: Have a blackout lining — a very dense fabric that light can’t penetrate — sewn onto the back of any drapery fabric. This will ensure that as little light as possible seeps in through cracks.

If you want to create a room that is really dramatic in appearance, choose dark drapes. Colorful window treatments can also lighten the mood in a space. Choosing the right colors and the right placement are crucial to making drapery work in your design.

Tip: Never underestimate the value of choosing the right color for your drapes.

You also have to consider the little touches like the shape of the drapes. If given enough attention, drapes can be so much more than “just curtains“.

While windows of today may not always be curtained in fabric, draperies are often being employed in other areas of our homes, sometimes in unexpected and delightful ways. For instance, drapes aren’t just for covering windows; they are also great for screening rooms. Drapes don’t have to be something that hangs on the wall at all. If you have a four-post bed then you can choose to use heavy drapes around the bed to close it off from the rest of the room. That’s a great way to use drapes to make a private space in your home. Draperies can be hung from the ceiling and pulled around the sleeping area when needed. They could be pulled shut at night helping to stave off drafts, thus, creating cozy sleeping quarters.

Whether streamlined, luxurious or something in between, window treatments can give your room a polished look, as well as finish off a color scheme. If you have windows that are not a typical size or shape, your best bet is to go for custom window treatments. Our professionals can create curtains or any other window treatment you desire that properly fit your exact dimensions, keeping in mind how the drapes look from the outside and making sure all the seams are neat and tidy. Finding just the right fabric for your window treatment is important. To make sure your window treatments are just as functional as they are beautiful, depending on your style preference and budget, a range of options are available — just be sure to pay attention to durability, weight and quality while shopping. Whether you’re designing a window treatment for privacy or purely for decoration, designs that creatively use everyday materials in unexpected ways can make a huge impact on the room’s look.

Of course, you can’t forego the necessities, such as curtain rod brackets, either. Curtain hooks and curtain rings are also essential for certain styles of drapes. The hardware you choose will often complete the look of your curtains. Whether decorative or functional, you can find plenty of curtain accessories in dozens of finishes, styles and colors right here at Metro Home City. Browse our curtains section to find the fabric and accessories you love.