Winter Curtains and excuse to shop a reason to save money


curtainsSummer has gone and Winter is fast approaching and those colder days provide an excuse and even a reason to renew your curtains or blinds, and that means a trip to Metro Home City.

The excuse to buy is obvious; anyone knows a new season means new styles. Right?

Metro Home City has a wide range of great curtains and blinds with designs that follow the trends worldwide.  Bright colours or subtle, pattern or plain, long or short the variety of curtains is vast. If you want a change from curtains consider blinds and again there are vertical blinds and horizontal, man-made or natural, coloured or not with a size to fit nearly all sizes of window or doorway.

Kids deserve a change, in the summer they spend more time outside but in winter they spend more time indoors and perhaps in their room.  Why not consider a change of curtains and décor in your child’s room? And whether you want princesses and ponies or superheroes and cars Metro Home City has the lot, you can even buy the curtains with matching bed sets, duvets and pillow cases making your child’s bedroom fun and a place they enjoy.

curtain railFor your lounge you need class and Metro Home City has the widest range of curtain and blind solutions to turn your two bed apartment into a five star luxury home. The right curtains add so much to a room and a home and with the wide choice from Metro Home City you can go wild. Not only will you find the most wonderful curtains and drops but also the perfect tie-backs to finish them off. You can even change how you hang the curtains with a wide variety of east to install curtain rails, the experts at Metro Home City can give you the advice of what may work best for your home.

But the change of season is and excuse and reason to change the curtains, the excuse is simple and just an opportunity to visit Metro Home City the reason is a little more practical.  With winter coming you need to keep your home warmer and with the rise in fuel costs in South Africa heating has become and will become even more a concern.  A change of curtains or blinds should not only be cosmetic is should bear in mind the reasons for the curtains or blinds.

Winter curtains are thicker and fit a little more snug and with the right material you can choose curtains that trap warmth inside your rooms to reduce your heating costs. A simple investment in winter curtains or blinds could save you a considerable amount of money on your heating costs. Reducing your heating costs and making your home that bit cosier is the perfect reason to visit Metro Home City and buy some new curtains or blinds especially for winter.