Winter is coming; winterise your space

The time has come to prepare for winter, you will soon notice the sun rising later in the morning and setting earlier in the afternoon. Winterising your home is a great way to stay warm and save on energy bills. Winterising can stave off later repairs. There exists the statistic that making your home more airtight and efficient can save you up to 25 percent on utility bills. Not preparing your house for the cold season is the equivalent of YOU LEAVING your dining room window wide open all winter. Create a cosy refuge against the cold with these simple tips.

Warm-Up-Winterise-your-homeWinterise yourself- I am talking about inside warmth. Use extra blankets, dress in layers and eat warming foods to help you manage the colder temperatures. Dress warmly when you are inside. Wear socks and slippers.  If your feet are warm, you will feel warmer. A discreetly placed fan heater or space heater is also invaluable for those extra-chilly days.

Seal Windows and Doors- Locate and seal drafts. Seal up the windows and doors to keep the cold air from seeping in. It sounds obvious, but plugging up any gaps or spaces around windows and doors can make a huge difference in the war on cold.

Heavier Curtains– Rich drapes or curtains in a heavy fabric are a worthwhile investment for these cooler months. Window insulation is one of the easiest ways to keep your home or apartment wa210263-Winter-Is-Comingrm. A set of heavier curtains can help keep that frigid cold air where it belongs. Also remember to close your blinds and curtains at night. Closing window treatments at night, usually the coldest time of day, helps trap the heat inside and raise the internal temperature of your home.

Blankets and Throws: These are made of- merino wool, fur, cotton and fleece, which are all warm. But you will find that — depending on the thickness — they will suit certain areas of the home more than others. Remember to have some stylish coverlets on the sofa to snuggle under. Throw thick blankets on to your couch — a warm furry blanket, a cashmere, fleece, or wool throw.

Winter is the time of year when you will want to spend a lot of time warm and cosy under your covers. When the temperature drops low and below freezing in some areas, you are going to want warm bedding so you can have the option to spend the day in bed. Swap out those linen sheets for cotton or flannel sheets, and add a luscious duvet or a thick comforter. Adding extra pillows also aid to upgrade your bedding.

Carpets and rugs are not only timeless in elegance, they also add texture and dimension to your space. Carpets and rugs are another instantaneous decor fix to warm up your space. Your floor covering, particularly with layering fabrics and textures adds warmth, interest, and comfort.

So even if you have neglected winterising your home until now, there is still time to get enough work in. Do these and rest easy that your space will be buttoned up for those frigid winter days to come.